How to enlarge the glans penis

The structure of the male penis and its head

The size and shape of the glans penis do not affect the organ's physiological functions (with the exception of traumatic deformities), which cannot be said about intimate quality of life. It is possible to increase the length and thickness of the penis with the help of plastic surgery and various conservative methods. The choice of methods to enlarge the head is very limited. It consists of a porous tissue (spongy bodies) that is difficult to correct. In this article, we'll talk about ways you can enlarge the glans penis.

It's worth raising your head

A large number of nerve endings and blood vessels are concentrated in the tissues of the head. Its damage can lead to loss of sensation with subsequent inability to reach orgasm and even necrosis.. . . The suitability of this or that type of intervention is evaluated by a specialist based on the results of a visual examination and analysis.

When a patient requests an enlargement of the head of the penis, the doctor first assesses the degree of need for such an intervention.There are several main indications:

  • Sexual dysfunction;
  • The head is much smaller in diameter than the trunk ("sinking");
  • The need to use an extender (device to stretch the penis) in the absence of the possibility of its normal fixation;
  • Severe imbalance after penile thickening surgery.

The above factors lead to health problems, the development of complexes and low self-esteem of men, create obstacles to a full life.

Penis Head Augmentation Methods

There are not many safe and available methods to increase headaches. Each of them has its advantages, disadvantages and complications that must be considered when choosing.

surgical method

Surgical methods for head augmentation are still experimental and not widespread.. . . This is because the spongy tissue cannot be stretched or enlarged. It's also almost impossible to introduce anything into it.

In various sources, there is information about the method of enlarging the head by implanting an organic thickening matrix between the head and the corpora cavernosa. With this technique, dissection of the nourishing vessels is inevitable, which can lead to disabling consequences - tissue necrosis. There is no detailed description of the operation, nor is it included in the list of services of specialized clinics.

Head augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Penile augmentation with injections is a popular and proven procedure offered by many clinics.. . . Hyaluronic acid is used as a filler. It is a human substance that forms a natural matrix for soft tissue. After the procedure, there is no rejection or allergic reactions. Some clinics use inappropriate hyaluronic acid preparations to be injected into the head. This later leads to their migration and deformation of the treated area.

A few days before the procedure, the patient undergoes the exams prescribed for the preliminary consultation. The day before, it is necessary to shave the operated area: pubis, scrotum, inner thighs. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. In total, 10 ml of the drug is injected into the head. Then, antiseptic treatment and massage are carried out to evenly distribute the substance.

As for the technology, thenthere are two main options. . . In some clinics, a deep puncture is performed on both sides of the frenulum and another on the coronal sulcus. When doing this, the doctor spreads the gel under the skin by slowly pulling the needle. In other clinics, the head is injected according to the contour plastics principle - 10-12 superficial injections. As a result, the volume of the treated area increases 1, 5 times (in non-erect state). The glans surface becomes smooth, shiny and elastic immediately after the procedure.

Hospitalization as well as inpatient supervision is not required.Sexual activity can start in 3-4 long as there are no complications. The gel gradually dissolves, so the result will last from 6 to 18 months (the period depends on the individual characteristics of the body).

The injection method to enlarge the head is considered safe, but damage to the structure of the blood vessels still occurs (the needle pierces entire layers of spongy tissue). Micro-scars appear, which can negatively affect the quality of blood flow. There is also the possibility of infection with the subsequent melting of tissues in the head and the formation of fistulas. The latter can lead to irreparable deformations.

After enlarging the head with the help of hyaluronic acid injections, the time of intercourse increases about 2-fold - due to the creation of a layer between the receptors and the nerve endings.

Information for Experiment Fans: Do not inject substances such as synthol, botulinum toxin, silicone, vaseline into the head. These experiments will lead to the development of oleogranulomas, manifested by tuberosity and inflammation of the skin surface. In some cases, irreversible deformations occur and a fatal outcome is possible.

Devices and Exercises to Enlarge the Head of the Penis

Spongy tissue consists of many cavities that extend when filled with blood, but to a much lesser extent than the structures of the corpora cavernosa.It will not be possible to significantly increase head size at home with the help of exercise and massage (the growth of new tissue is impossible), but certain visible results can be achieved.. . . The main rule is that during classes pain and pronounced skin darkening should not be allowed.

To enlarge the glans, the same techniques are used for the penis:

  1. Yuli. . . It is performed on an erect penis up to about 60%. Exercise option: Hold the penis firmly at the base with two fingers (OK-grip), using Kegel exercises (multiple contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle) provide additional blood flow, then move the grip to the middle of the penis, squeezing the fingers tighter. Hold for 20 seconds. Move the grip to your own head and delay again for 20 seconds. Release your fingers, make a few up and down movements and repeat the exercise.
  2. Clip- overlay of blood pumped to the penis with the help of erection rings and tweezers. At first, you cannot hold the pressure for more than 10 minutes.
  3. Jelq- "milking". The penis is intertwined with two fingers, with slow movements the blood is pumped from the root to the head. The hands alternate.

An effective exercise to enlarge the glans penis (performed without an erection):

  • Move the foreskin toward you as much as possible;
  • With your left hand, close the OK handle 5 mm from the head, pull the penis away from you for 15 seconds;
  • Without loosening the clamp with your left hand, do several Kegel contractions and close the OK loop at the base of the penis with your right hand;
  • Carefully bring the two straps together (the penis will be compressed with an accordion), loosen the strap under the head, let the blood flow into it and squeeze again;
  • Withdraw your right hand, pull the penis again, but with more force.

The exercise is performed in 6-7 approaches with a change of hands. Classes stop as soon as the foreskin starts to swell. An increase in the head can be seen in 3-4 weeks of regular training.

The most significant results are shown by exercises with a pump.. . . There are special cylinders marked "mushroom" (translated from English. It means "mushroom"), allowing you to concentrate on studying the upper part of the penis. The cylinder has a silicone insert with a hole (rubber sleeve) into which the head is inserted. Thus, it is isolated from the cylinder and exposed to a directed vacuum. Some make it easier: Gently (without disturbing the blood flow) they bandage the penis and leave the head open - the same isolating effect is achieved when exercising with a conventional pump. After a month of regular exercise, you can achieve an enlargement of the glans penis of 2 to 3 mm (according to the ratings of those involved).

External products and supplements

Various gels, ointments, and creams, which their makers position as penile head enlargers, act as irritating receptors, pumping blood flow. As a resultthere is a temporary effect of mild edema and increased receptor sensitivity. . . Achieve a persistent and noticeable increase in head volume, even with active daily use of these fundsimpossible. . .

Examples of drugs:

  1. gel with extracts of horse chestnut, ginseng, ginger, muira puama;
  2. Horny goat weed, thistle, elastin, Peruvian maca, amino acid gel;
  3. cream with philodendron, broom, musk, bear bile.

The main disadvantage of all of the above means is the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

which path to choose

The choice of how to enlarge the head depends on its original shape and size, the state of health of the man and his financial capacities.

The fastest, most meaningful and long-term result is obtained with the introduction of hyaluronic acid. In this case, in addition to significant financial costs, contraindications should also be considered:

  • Genital herpes;
  • Lupus erythematosus;
  • Infectious lesions of the head and genitals;
  • Tumors;
  • Diabetes.

The clinic and physician should be selected based on the recommendations of patients who have successfully performed the procedure.. . . Information on institutions' websites is often unreliable.

It is advisable to use external means only in combination with manual or pumping exercises.(according to the ratings of most men in specialist forums). By themselves, these drugs can only increase arousal and sensitivity.

Manual and hardware techniques to raise the head, if used incorrectly, can lead to negative consequences:

  1. Erection deterioration, impotence.
  2. The formation of bruises.
  3. Head tissue damage and deformation.
  4. Necrosis.

Many men faced similar problems that came about as a result of very active practice. These techniques should not be used for varicocele and other small pelvic vessel pathologies, as well as in the presence of infectious diseases of Organs genitourinary organs.


  1. "For me personally, the best pump is. Both the penis and the head increase proportionately. But it took 1, 5 years of regular classes. Now I work in maintenance mode. "
  2. "The exercises and the ointments are a mockery of the organ. I once poked my head with hyaluronic acid and forgot.


There are no completely safe and yet effective methods of enlarging the glans penis. Surgery has many side effects and an insufficient basis for long-term results. Injections, vacuum pumps and massage can also lead to negative consequences. If a head augmentation is really objectively needed, you need to see a doctor first.