How To Increase Penis Diameter - All Ways

Intimate life and its quality depend directly on the diameter and volume of the penis. If its size is insufficient, the man begins to suffer from an inferiority complex, which affects relationships with the fair sex.

In modern medicine, several methods have been proposed to increase the diameter of the penis while maintaining its normal activity.

penis tape before increasing the diameter

Surgical intervention

How to increase the thickness of the penis, the surgeon will tell you. This can be achieved by the method of surgical intervention, during which tissues are transferred from another area of the body and implanted under the skin of the genital organ.

For example, biological material is often used - subcutaneous adipose tissue in the gluteal region. In this case, it is possible to increase the column diameter by several centimeters.

The doctor inserts the resulting tissue under the skin along its entire length. In simple words, the pillar is "wrapped" with epidermis from another area of the body. Where the skin has been removed, stitches are applied, which are almost invisible (by the intradermal method).

If there is a desire to increase the diameter of the penis by more than 1 cm, another surgical intervention is performed - microsurgical. In this case, it is not the skin that is transferred, but the muscle tissue.

This operation is more difficult than the previous one, has a longer duration and a longer rehabilitation period.


penis enlargement surgery

After any surgical intervention, the risk of developing negative consequences increases. In addition, surgical procedures are performed on the thin skin of the penis, where blood vessels are located close to the epidermis.

One of the complications is tuberosity. Other consequences include bleeding in the exposed area, prolonged swelling of the operated section.

Temporarily or permanently, the sensation of the head diminishes, the pain syndrome that follows an erection usually joins.

Among the negative late consequences - shortening of the spine, altered ejaculation angle, "unstable" penis during intercourse, necrosis of the inserted tissue (muscle or subcutaneous fat). Not an exception - erectile dysfunction, trunk deformity. Also, men are not always happy with the result.


pills to increase the diameter of the penis

The average diameter of a limb depends on its condition. For example, at rest it is 8, 5-9 cm, in an excited state - 10-10, 5.

To increase performance, you can use drugs purchased from specialty stores or pharmacies. These are released in the form of ointment, cream, gel, pills, dietary supplements.

It's hard to say which remedy will be the most effective. The following factors influence the level of efficiency:

  • how often the therapy is performed;
  • what are the individual characteristics of the organism, there are concomitant diseases and contraindications for the use of the drug;
  • what is the original size of the penis;
  • how high quality the drug is taken by man;
  • what lifestyle a person adheres to, how he eats, if he has bad habits.

So how to make your penis thicker at home? Chinese-made tablets will come to your rescue. By their nature, they are biological supplements with ginseng root, Chinese lemon grass, hawthorn, goat horn weed.

These components help to increase blood circulation in Organs pelvic organs, which causes swelling and enlargement of the penis after taking the medicine. Some of the herbs are excellent for reproductive function, helping to increase sperm motility.

In addition, Chinese herbal preparations improve potency, increase erectile strength, sexual stamina and strengthen overall immunity. Despite their effectiveness, the resources are endowed with little-studied additives, which, if used incorrectly, cause collateral symptoms.


To increase the diameter of the penis, special preparations are used, before using them it is recommended to consult a specialist.

You can inject hyaluronic acid. However, this technique often has side effects. The drug is injected into a section of the penis you want to lengthen, or along the length. Manipulation is performed with preliminary penile anesthesia.

Mechanical accessories

Can the diameter be increased with mechanical devices? Of course, yes, but it's worth considering that such devices won't be cheap.

  1. An extender is common, which mechanically stretches the tissues of the penis. The body fills the resulting voids, increasing cell division in these areas. The working principle is similar to that of the Elizarov apparatus. The extender has a round bracket, a handle, a retainer, a metal rod and a push ring. The tension force is regulated by the rod. The device is used 7 to 8 hours a day. Systematic use makes it possible to elongate the penis by 3-5 cm and increase the diameter by 1-1, 5 cm.
  2. Another mechanical device is the vacuum. It is necessary to put the penis in a special pump. After an erection, blood flow increases, blood flows rapidly to areas with reduced pressure, which creates the conditions for an enlargement of the penis.
  3. A compact device is a stretcher, which is similar in principle to an extender. There is no discomfort during use. Can be worn under underwear. The interruption of penile blood flow occurs from the impact of the erection rings. Duration of use does not exceed 30 minutes per day. The device helps to further stimulate the penis, increase erection.

folk remedies

Massage is performed at home. The procedure is safe compared to medications and mechanical devices. In this case, it will be possible to increase the diameter by 1-2 cm.

However, it will not be possible to achieve this result anytime soon. Sometimes, to see the first results, you have to massage for 6 months or more.

Enlarge the penis with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. In 200 ml of liquid, 1 tablespoon is diluted. me. fluidity. The procedure is performed every 3 hours, lightly rubbing the product into the skin. The solution is also added to the trays. Take a shower for 15 minutes.


There are many recipes for traditional medicine. However, they are not always effective. Therefore, you should not self-medicate, but you do need to see a doctor.